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A complete makeover of your mouth, bite, smile and a feeling of renewed confidence is the aim of full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation. It is best described as a process by which all the teeth are rebuild and simultaneously restored in both the upper and the lower jaw. It is usually done with the help of crowns, bridges or implants. It is a full restoration of the mouth involving every tooth in the upper and lower jaw.

A full mouth reconstruction usually requires all the specialized skills which may involve restoration of teeth, endodontic procedure, periodontal treatment for gums, implant surgery and prosthetic work involving crowns, bridges and veneers.

Full mouth reconstruction is usually needed in case of:

  • Multiple broken or damaged teeth.
  • Teeth decayed due to multiple cavities
  • Teeth which have been severely worn due to long term acid erosion or due to generalized attrition because of grinding habit.
  • Generalized depleted gum health.
  • Damage due to trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When I should go for full mouth rehabilitation?
A: A person requiring full mouth usually come with a complain of difficulty in chewing from both the sides of the jaws , deteriorated health and often complain of pain in jaw muscles with headache. In these cases a comprehensive dental checkup is required to evaluate the grade of condition and what all procedures may be involved for the rehabilitation. In full mouth reconstruction the dentist looks for the condition of the teeth which are present which may be used as foundations for the restoration of missing teeth. The teeth may require restorations of several teeth or root canal fillings with veneers, crown or bridges.

Next overall periodontal health of the patient is also evaluated. To use a tooth as a foundation, the strength of the teeth must be good so for that the patient may require general oral prophylaxis involving scaling and root planning. In some cases flap surgery with placement of bone grafts may be required.

Q: What procedures are involved in full mouth rehabilitation?
A: After evaluating the patient clinically and use of x-rays only your dentist can decide what all procedures would be involved in your full mouth reconstruction along with his specialist team. Depending on the severity of the condition there are various treatment options available.

Q: What is the duration of the treatment?
A: A full mouth reconstruction usually requires minimum of 6-12 months. The duration may be more depending on the severity of the condition. It requires multiple phases of treatment and office visits.


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