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Third molar or wisdom teeth are the commonly impacted teeth which cause eruption pain and discomfort. Surgical removal of a third molar is a simple procedure which is done under local anesthesia and involves removal of the complete impacted teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the advantage of getting your wisdom tooth removed at Nayar Dental care Centre?
A: We here use a Peizotome which is an ultrasonic device that aids in easier, lesser time consuming extractions.

Q: What are the advantages of Peizotome?
• Lesser invasive procedure
• Lesser post operative complications
• Tissue preservation
• Superior healing
• Lesser time consuming than conventional extraction procedures

Q: What causes third molar impaction?
A: When a tooth is not completely erupted it becomes impacted. The third molars are commonly impacted as they erupt at a later stage in life. Full tooth eruption does not take place if there is less space in patient's jaw; the tooth is erupting at an abnormal angle, the overlying soft tissue preventing the eruption

Q: What are the symptoms of impacted teeth?
A: At an early stage the impacted third molars do not show any symptoms, they may be discovered by the dentist during routine examination or in x-rays. Later in life when it does not erupt properly it causes jaw pain and gum swelling, with locking of jaw in severe causes. The patients often complain of difficulty in eating and opening the mouth. It can be secondarily infected in severe cases due to continuous food lodgment.

Q: What are the post operation complications?
A: The patient may have slight pain and mild swelling after the treatment. If the post-op instructions are followed properly and proper antibiotic regimen is followed then the symptoms subside in few days.


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