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In simple words, root canal treatment means removing the infected tissue from a living or dead(due to infection) tooth and its roots, cleaning it and filling it with a suitable neutral and bio compatible material. Thus root canal treatment in fact saves or repairs a badly damaged tooth instead of removing it. The treatment results in the elimination of infection and also protects the tooth from further microbial invasion and thus even a badly damaged tooth can also be converted in to a healthy root canal treated tooth that maintains the functional integrity and harmony of the dental system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the advantage of getting Root Canal treatment at Nayar Dental Care Centre?

  • Root canal is a specialist treatment which requires a lot of knowledge, experience and latest technology happening in dentistry to make the treatment successful and up to standards.
  • At Nayar Dental, DR. ROHIT NAYAR who is a specialist in endodontics (RCT) and a fellow dentist from International Academy of Rotary Endodontics is taking care of all root canals with latest techniques.
  • Nayar dental is equipped with latest machines and LASER for RCTs at par with the western countries.

Q: Is root canal treatment a painful procedure?
A: Main aim of endodontic procedure itself is to relieve pain caused due to the inflammation of infection of the pulp. It is our utmost concern to make RCT as painless and comfortable for you as possible. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and with latest equipment using modern day techniques. After the procedure your tooth might feel a little different from the other, but this sensation is temporary which depletes with time. REMEMBER – root canal treatment is done to relieve you of the pain and infection and not to make it more painful for you.

Q: How many appointments root canal treatment will take?
A: Root canal treatment can be done in a single or more sittings. The number of appointments depends upon the condition of the tooth (infection) and is also dictated by the response from the patient. Permanent filling will be done only when you are completely devoid of any pain or infection.

Q: What after root canal?
A: Usually the tooth that requires RCT is badly decayed and damaged. After removing all the damaged portion of the tooth, a permanent restorative material (filling) is placed in it and it should be followed by a crown that will strengthen and protect the root canal treated tooth.

Q: How do I know if the root canal treatment is the best choice?
A: It is always the best choice to save your natural tooth. With the advancement in technology and the use of latest equipments the procedure is made most comfortable and painless, which was not possible earlier. After the procedure your teeth functions for years, even for a lifetime.

Q: What is the prognosis of a root canal treated tooth?
A: A properly root canal treated and crowned tooth with a meticulous oral hygiene regime followed by the patient will make your tooth functional for many years to come.


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