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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the white colored fillings?
A: White colored filling are the composite fillings which simulates the color of your teeth with the correct shade matching.

Q: How are the white fillings done here different from others?
A: Using the best and latest technology has always been our basic aim that sets us apart from others. Here we use the Sonic fill (the only sonic-activated, single step bulk fill composite system) technology to do the white colored fillings with improved esthetics and durability.

Q: What are the benefits of tooth colored fillings?
A: The main advantage of a tooth colored fillings is that it completely blends with the surrounding tooth structure making it difficult for anyone to recognize the filling. It is also esthetically pleasing and has a good strength. It requires minimal preparation of the cavity only in area where the tooth is carious as compared to the amalgam filling which requires intensive cavity preparation.

Q: After how long the old filling should be replaced?
A: If proper care is taken and the oral hygiene is maintained well then after 3-4 yr it is advisable that a filling should be replaced as after that during because of continuous grinding micro leakage occurs in the cavity which may lead to sensitivity in future.

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