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Do you feel embarrassed because of your yellow teeth and lack of confident smile? We have a solution for you. At Nayar Dental Care Centre, we can make your teeth sparkling and bright that not only makes your smile beautiful but raises your self esteem and makes you fall in love with your teeth. Tooth whitening or bleaching is a single visit procedure that can drastically lighten your teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. It is a non invasive procedure intended to improve the way your teeth look. It is just a 45 minutes long procedure. A thorough oral prophylaxis /scaling(teeth cleaning) is necessary before tooth whitening which is done at a prior appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Laser teeth whitening procedure effective on teeth with stains of certain color?
A: It has been effectively seen that the yellowish teeth and the one with brown stains respond well to Laser teeth whitening procedure. Certain brownish or blue-grey tetracycline stains may require several in office sittings along with home bleaching procedure to get better results. The best suited option for you can be discussed with your specialist.

Q: How often the teeth whitening procedure need to be repeated?
A: Laser teeth whitening are not permanent. It lasts from 12-18 months depending on the precautions taken by the patient while having colored food substances. People who expose their teeth to a lot of junk food and beverages notice their whitening fade away in less than a month. People who are cautious and avoid having beverages and colored food substances may be able to wait for a year or more before the next session or a touch-up.

Q: How is the Laser teeth whitening different from normal in office bleaching procedure?
A: Laser teeth whitening procedure give better results and long lasting effect as compared to the normal in office bleaching. In a normal bleaching procedure touch up may be required within 6 months while the laser whitening lasts for almost an year.

Q: What are the cons of Laser whitening procedure?
A: There are as such no cons of the procedure, there may be slight sensitivity of teeth after the procedure which deteriorates on its own after some time.

Q: How can I maintain my brighter smile?
A: Here are few tips to maintain your bright smile:

  • Avoid munching on junk foods , food products which contain colored substances and beverages that tend to stain your teeth if needed you can use a straw.
  • Try to brush or rinse immediately after having any stain causing food or beverage.
  • Maintain a good oral hygiene. Brush atleast twice daily to clear any surface stains over the teeth. Intermittently you can use whitening paste, once in week along with your regular toothpaste.
  • Maintain a regular follow-up with your specialist. A second session is usually required after 6 months duration, but if you have any regular personal habits then it may be required after a month also
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