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These are the metal free full ceramic crowns which are esthetically superior to other varieties of crowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose metal free crowns?
A: Metal free crowns are the latest advancement in dentistry which is made to overcome the disadvantages of metal crowns. Unlike porcelain fused to metal (PFM) the metal free crowns have better esthetics and strength equivalent to PFM crown. The ceramic layer over the PFM crowns tends to get chipped off exposing the metal beneath, while on the other hand full ceramic crowns are made of single piece of ceramic with CAD-CAM technology.

Q: What are the advantages of metal free crowns?
A: The main advantage of a metal free crown is esthetics; it nearly simulates your adjacent natural teeth. As there is no metal inside so there is less chance of any allergic reactions which may be otherwise caused due to other varieties of crowns.

Q: What is the longevity of metal free crowns?
A: The durability for metal free crowns and bridges is about 8-10 yrs depending on the maintenance of overall oral health and regular follow up with the dentist every year.

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